Bunjuro was an anthropomorphic bear thug working for the money-lender Atsuo.

Character HistoryEdit

Bunjuro was in charge of debt-collecting for Atsuo. As most of their town had owed money to Atsuo's father, Bunjuro terrorised the town and roughed up many of its citizens.

Bunjuro swiftly developed an enmity with Miyamoto Usagi and his tokage Spot when the pair entered town. In their first meeting, Spot attacked Bunjuro after the thug threatened Usagi and was almost killed by him; the tokage was saved by Usagi. Bunjuro and Spot would meet again during the chaos orchestrated by Atsuo's mother. This time, Bunjuro attempted to throttle Spot but was himself choked to death by Spot's prehensile tail.


"A Mother's Love" (collected in Book 3: The Wanderer's Road).

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