Genjiro was the head of the Dogora fencing school.

Character HistoryEdit

Genjiro was the sponsor of a swordsmanship tournament for Lord Mifune. When his instructor Jimbei attempted to turn away Katsuichi from entering his pupil, Miyamoto Usagi, into the tournament, Genjiro overruled him. Genjiro felt that turning away Katsuichi would show that the Dogora school was afraid of him, and that they would lose face before their patron, Lord Mifune. Genjiro felt that Katsuichi had planned this as an insult to the Dogora, and he ordered that the Dogora school should defeat Usagi. However, the young rabbit's unorthodox sword style was too effective, and he won the tournament.


"Samurai!, Part IV" (collected in Book 2: Samurai).

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