Lord Nerai was a counsellor to Lord Hikiji.

Character HistoryEdit

When Lord Mataichi of the Geishu Clan died, Lord Nerai was ordered by Lord Hikiji to arrange for the death of his successor, Lord Noriyuki, on the road to Edo. Lord Nerai's assassins slew all of Lord Noriyuki's escort save for his chief yojimbo, Tomoe Ame. However, due to the ronin Miyamoto Usagi, Lord Noriyuki reached the capital successfully.

As a result of Lord Nerai's failure, he was commanded to commit seppuku by Lord Hikiji, who then confiscated his family's wealth. Before his death, Lord Nerai wrote a full confession of his crimes to atone for his misdeeds. He gave the confession to the samurai Nekohana to deliver to the Shogun, which would implicate Lord Hikiji in the attempts to assassinate Lord Noriyuki. However, despite the efforts of Miyamoto Usagi and Tomoe Ame, the confession was replaced with a crude forgery, foiling Lord Nerai's plans.


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